Sometimes I must force myself to slow down… it’s a combination of learned behavior and Astrology. I’m a big believer in Astrology. I’m an Aries, known as the child of the zodiac, a pioneer, innovator and basically the ever-ready battery of the Zodiac. As an Aries, slowing down is a foreign thought and taking it easy is almost a dirty word.

I love Astrology, it has always fascinated me. I’m not talking about the horoscope you read in your favorite Mademoiselle magazine or Sunday newspaper, but about the mathematical possibilities of your birth chart. This is not fortune telling or foreshadowing the future, this is the time and date you are born and is basically a mathematical equation and the map of your life. Let me add that you do have “free will” and this means in life the choices are yours… but you are born with a map of life and it’s your choice which direction you go – to take a left or a right in your map of life.

For example, would you drive through the dessert without a map or a calculation of where the next gas station is? Of course not! You would want to know so you do not run out of gas in the middle of the desert! Would you try going to the Bahamas on your boat without a compass knowing you had to sail through the Bermuda Triangle? NOPE! Your Astrological chart is your compass of life for a lack of a better metaphor.

So who can read your map?

The Astrologer, the interpreter as i like to say, or the translator can. You cannot read your chart alone. You need the interpreter or the master to help you decipher how the planets are moving in your favor, what to watch out for and what to go for full throttle.

For centuries Leaders of countries, Kings, presidents, actors have all their trusted Astrologers they seek out to help guide them through their reign or journey through life. This practice goes back to the days of Plato and Aristotle. The person who they chose to read their Charts was always held as a close secret in fear of threat or misconception. Even Presidents like Ronald Regan and others have all had their trusted astrologers close by.

I have sought out many astrologers who have helped me through my life journey, guiding me with decisions from when is a better time to start a business to what challenges or great adventures lie ahead for me.

Over the years, I’ve met many good astrologers and some not so good astrologers. However, recently, I have met one person who really has been a game changer on how I see my map of life. I have never shared information or shared the names of people in my close circle. However, I feel the need to share the name (with his permission of course) of probably the most amazing Astrological reading and interpretation I have had to date. Chills down my spine. The connection was so powerful, that I scheduled another reading for my daughter.

(I highly recommend this if you have children its also a beautiful way to understand them better)

Gregory Paul Martin has read the Astrology charts in the likes of John Lennon, State leaders, and many others I’m not at liberty to mention but basically, many seek his wisdom in translating their birth charts, getting guidance and clarity in life choices.
He has the capacity to shine a light in the areas of your life that you might be struggling with as well as find the clarity that we sometimes lose sight of. This is what I call the magic and the connection that Gregory holds.

I just want to add he is also in the midst of an up coming book release, movie release, lectures in the French wine country and so many other colorful adventures. Booking a reading might be limited but it’s really worth giving a call, it has by far been the most rewarding meeting of 2018 for me.

I could go on and on about this because I am so passionate about astrology and my recent encounter. I might be adding more posts about astrology and some passages of Gregory’s book (which is amazing by the way).

If you want to connect with Gregory contact his beautiful wife here Cherie Rose Martin or message her for a meeting. By far the most inspiring consultation I have ever had. I can’t even thank them both enough.

Just wow.

Infinitely grateful to have met them both.