I’m Darviny, “The Table Lady”

After several years making and presenting French meals on the internet through my Darviny brands and shows it was my tables settings and tablescapes that began to get a lot of attention from by audience.

Most recently within the last year as I have helped my audience prepare, present, and enjoy authentic French meals – I was browsing in a local national houseware outlet when I was approached by an enthusiastic woman claiming, “you’re the French table lady I’ve seen your videos!”.

After a 30 minute chat and quick shopping blitz where I helped her prepare for an upcoming bridal shower at her home, I realized that yes I was and am – the “table lady”.

So I’m here with you today having created a product that will help the everyday person young, old, male and female to create a vision for a special meal or event or for a routine weekday night where you can celebrate, “l’arte de table” as they say in French “The Art Of The Table.”  I’ve done this my whole life since I was a little girl and do it now with my own family .

Join me in barefoot elegance as we journey through life with fun, food, adventure, recipes, shared stories, laughter…….and lets make some tables!.

I’m Darviny and I’m no stranger to creating a lifestyle that feels aligned with passion, purpose and play.

Barefoot elegance is my living breathing mantra…

Imagine having a gorgeous dinner on the beach, your toes nestled in the sand beneath the table.

Loving life so exuberantly that you fearlessly pamper yourself and the people you love with the best that life has to offer.

Like a classic black and white film, life can be simple, beautiful, and what today is commonly referred to as “balanced” – all it takes is a little fine tuning.

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