KALE – Love or Hate? For those of you that said the dreaded “H” word, have you tried juicing Kale? The first time I tried Kale was in the form of a salad. Not going to lie, I had a hard time getting it down. Now, I have a LOVE relationship with Kale. So what changed?


Kale is absolutely wonderful in juice and such a Powerhouse! Look at all these benefits:

-Rich in Iron
-High in Vitamin K – as well as Vitamins A and C + Manganese
-Low in Calories
-High in Antioxidants
-Fights Inflammation
-Good for Heart Health
-Detoxifying for the body
-Improves Immunity
-Improves Eye health
-Rich in Calcium

So, if you are the in the “H” relationship with Kale – give it another try like I did – I bet you will turn it around and you will begin a whole new relationship with it!

Here is a delicious Juice recipe with Kale for you to try!

Are you looking for a healthy, detox recipe? Have you tried juicing Kale? I'll share the health benefits of kale and a delicious juice recipe for this powerhouse of a plant! Repin & grab my free Table Setting Cheat Sheet! #lifestyle #wellness #recipes #tablescape #tablesettings #lovedarviny

2 lemons, juiced with the rind
1 handful of kale
1 handful of romaine lettuce
1 handful of parsley
1/4-inch piece of ginger
1 green apple
4 celery stalks
dash cayenne pepper (optional)

Bon Appétit
XOXO Darviny

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