Lost in Time: A Pre-Internet Adventure in Thailand

There's a certain magic to traveling before the internet became ubiquitous. Our journeys weren't meticulously planned on travel blogs, accommodation booked with a few clicks, and restaurants researched on social media. Instead, there was a thrilling sense of adventure, a reliance on guidebooks and local knowledge, and a real chance to stumble upon hidden gems.

My trip to Thailand with my best friend was exactly that kind of experience. Back then, we navigated by paper maps, communicated with scratchy postcards, and embraced the unexpected. One of our most vivid memories is staying in these incredible palapas, huts perched on stilts overlooking endless rice fields. Imagine waking up to the gentle sway of the breeze and the symphony of birdsong, a million miles away from the digital noise of our modern world.

Evenings were spent under the starlit sky, sharing meals with the local family who ran the place. The lack of electricity only heightened the experience, forcing us to connect with each other and appreciate the simple beauty around us. One night, a young girl from the village was embroidering a jacket for her boyfriend. I, decked out in my trusty (and probably very cool) old Levi's jean jacket, was mesmerized by her skill. We ended up in a delightful exchange of fashion appreciation. She loved my jacket, and I adored hers! In a moment of impulsive friendship, we traded jackets. Back home, I proudly framed hers, a constant reminder of that incredible trip and the unexpected connections that travel can forge.

Thailand has undoubtedly changed in the digital age, but that experience stays with me. It's a reminder that sometimes getting lost (literally and figuratively) can lead to the most profound travel moments.