Green Smoothie

The Power of Green

We’ve all been there before where we have inhaled food without worrying about the nutrients, deal with cravings, or been guilty of overeating. There has to

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5 Mood Boosters

We all need an occasional boost in mood and energy! Am I right? Try these 5 foods for an almost instant energizer to your mind,

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For the Love of Kale

KALE – Love or Hate? For those of you that said the dreaded “H” word, have you tried juicing Kale? The first time I tried

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Interpreting Your Life Map

Sometimes I must force myself to slow down… it’s a combination of learned behavior and Astrology. I’m a big believer in Astrology. I’m an Aries, known

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Homemade Tacos

Let’s make some delicious homemade tacos for Cinco de Mayo. There’s nothing better than making something from scratch and these tacos are no exception.

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The secret to setting the perfect table with ease for your next party or event!

Magical Morning​

Develop a positive mindset and healthy daily habits and you transform your life as a result.

Dar Water

If you tired of drinking plain water or want an option that doesnt leave reaching for high suger juice in your fridge then Dar Water is the solution​

Essential Oils

everything you need to jump-start your essential oils regimen


Get access to 12 of my TOP TABLES - from where I find pieces to the inspiration behind them - and best of all - some of my secret tips and tricks spread all throughout my book!

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