Tables & Take Out

One of my favorite things to do is to set a table – everyone knows that. Not only it is something that was ingrained in

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3 Simple Table Tips

Someone the other day referred to me as “The Table Lady” and guess what? I was so excited. I love tables and I love sharing

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12 Ways I Use Essential Oils

Everyone knows I LOVE essential oils – but do you know why?? Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are extracted from the flowers, seeds, roots, or leaves of

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Your Magical Morning

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so you need to start your day right to not just to get by, but to feel amazing

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The secret to setting the perfect table with ease for your next party or event!

Magical Morning​

Develop a positive mindset and healthy daily habits and you transform your life as a result.

Dar Water

If you tired of drinking plain water or want an option that doesnt leave reaching for high suger juice in your fridge then Dar Water is the solution​

Essential Oils

everything you need to jump-start your essential oils regimen


Get access to 12 of my TOP TABLES - from where I find pieces to the inspiration behind them - and best of all - some of my secret tips and tricks spread all throughout my book!

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