Summertime is always a great time to explore your colors for any type of tablescape. It is also a great time to to mix it up because like school vacation your tables designs can also be on vacation anything goes and it’s time to have fun!

Make it fun, make it wild and use a beach towel for your table cloth! I have used beach towels countless times on my tables whether it be for a table full of kids with sticky hands or just because it makes everyone really feel like this IS summer and we have a round beach towel on the table tonight! Your guests will feel playful and free to enjoy themselves.

I love exploring alternatives during summer especially when eating outside.

Here we have a round lemon towel which is what set the inspiration for this entire setting. It all started when shopping for towels at walmart last minute before going to the beach (you know us Moms are always winging it!).

It was a last minute decision to go beach and we were too far from home to go back for a towel, so I said to my daughter lets just stop at walmart on the way to the beach and buy two towels. It only took a few moments before this bright lemon on the towel just screamed “Pick Me! Pick Me!”.

The rest is history. Not only did I buy this lemon circular towel, I decided at that moment that I was going to make a table setting with it later that week for a BBQ. This lead me down the aisle to the mason jars, which i figured I would use as glasses for lemonade, Sangria and the beer we had on tap. The mason jars also make a great gift to take home and if one breaks or gets thrown away at a $1 a piece, it’s not the end of the world. They also make a great conversation piece.

The simplicity of this table setting is where the beauty lies.

The Bandanas were also purchased at Walmart for $1.25 a piece and were added inside the mason jar as a gift and used as a napkin which made the whole table come together.

Inexpensive, fun, affordable and still a gift for everyone to take home. It made for fun conversation during the evening, before we knew it, everyone had bandana on their heads in all different ways and the laughter began. Drinks were spilled on the table but since we used a towel, it was easily washed and no one worried that kids wiped their hands (and faces) on the towel. Everyone was at ease due to the simple casual style of the table. Dishes were mixed and matched as I did not have a full set of blue dishes anymore, yet I still collect them. Anything can be mixed with blue and white and that is the beauty of blue and white, add a splash of color and you will have instant success with your tablescape. 

Through the years I collected all sorts of blue and white dishes and what I realized is that if you only have one or two of a specific pattern you can mix them – creating an easy mix matched table. Try using a beach towel for your next gathering whether it be a picnic or BBQ! Give it a try and see what you create. Keep it simple and a bandana will always do the trick.

A great summer time drink for the mason jar? Try sangria made with white wine or red wine and any fruit you have in your home,  mixed with ice makes a great summer evening into a festive evening.



Here is a simple Sangria recipe for you to try:

(Courtesy of the Minimalist Baker)
Simple, traditional Red Spanish Sangria made with simple methods and just 6 ingredients. The perfect fruity summer beverage that’s adaptable and delicious!


  • 1/2 medium apple (cored, skin on, chopped into small pieces
  • 1/2 medium orange (rind on, sliced into small pieces, large seeds removed // plus more for garnish)
  • 3-4 Tbsp organic brown sugar (or 3 Tbsp (37.5 g) organic cane sugar as original recipe is written)
  • 3/4 cup orange juice (plus more to taste)
  • 1/3 cup brandy (plus more to taste)
  • 750 ml bottle dry Spanish red wine*
  • 1 cup Ice to chill


    1. Add apples, oranges, and sugar to a large pitcher and muddle with a muddler or wooden spoon for 45 seconds.
    2. Add orange juice and brandy and muddle again to combine for 30 seconds.
    3. Add red wine and stir to incorporate, then taste and adjust flavor as needed. I added a bit more brandy, orange juice and brown sugar. Stir to combine.
    4. Add ice and stir once more to chill. Serve as is, or with a bit more ice. Garnish with orange segments (optional).
    5. Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours, though best when fresh.

Blending magnificent colors and mix-matching treasures from travels are always the best for a masterful dinner conversation. I love bringing my travels home to my dinner parties. I'll share some tips on travel inspired table details! Repin & grab my free Table Setting Cheat Sheet! #lifestyle #wellness #recipes #tablescape #tablesettings #lovedarviny