A Mystical Tale of a Magical Merlin & His Extraordinary Essential Oils 

“Everything is so full of life. Every tree. Every leaf. Every insect. It’s as if the world is vibrating. As if everything is more than itself.”


Nestled in the mountains of Switzerland is a secret that I have spent the past year uncovering. In a darling little market at the Verbier Festival, I discovered the most powerful, beautiful and effective essential oils I’d ever come across. I was determined to find out more about these scent sensations so set off on a mission to find the creators of these most magical of oils.

My search took me to this little town in the middle of nowhere and as I pulled up to a totally creepy house, I was having serious misgivings about this random quest I had embarked upon

I left my Uber rental car behind with a warning to the driver to come and check on me if he hadn’t heard anything within the next half an hour, yet four hours later he was still there and I emerged having had such a profound experience that I felt I just had to share it with you all.

You see, I had discovered a Merlin. A living, breathing magician, whose skill lies somewhere between mastery and alchemy.
The source of his magic is gathered amongst the wilderness of his surroundings and his talent is held within his ability to utilize the power of the nature to create some of the most potent and pure essential oils I have ever come across.

Don’t get me wrong, unlocking this mystery was not an easy task. When I showed up, the staff were very reluctant to share the source of their essential oils with me, however, I’m not one to take no for an answer easily and once they saw how genuinely interested I was about the art of making such beautiful oils, they warmed up to me and let me into the secret world that lay behind such an ordinary exterior.

In what could only be described as the best example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I was taken out the back of this creepy old house and led to the most enchanting apothecary I have ever seen.

Contained behind those walls is the very essence of wellbeing. Rows and rows of smoky glass bottles lined shelves that reached to the ceiling, each one possessing the ability to heal both body and spirit. It was just so beautiful.

The herbs and flowers used to create the oil blends are handpicked high up in the mountains to make sure that the energy of the plant stays pure and each batch of essential oils produced are done so in very small quantities to maintain quality and avoid all the consequences of mass production.

In a divine twist of fate, I was fortunate enough to be invited by the creator of these magnificent essential oils to have a personal oil blend created especially for me. I was assured that this was a privilege afforded to very few people and so gratefully accepted his offer.

In what felt like the most ancient of rituals, the wizened Merlin began his process of conjuring my very own essential oil. Having referred to a variety of charts and essences and following a flurry of measurements, including taking my pulse rate, eye mapping and pendulum dowsing, my own individually tailored essential oil was created.

Then, with the advice to only use for an hour a day to avoid over toxifying my system and to make sure I came back in six months, I was returned to the mundane world outside their door, but not before I was informed that I would be granted an exclusive arrangement to bring their oils back to the US so I can share the wonder of these miracle elixirs with my tribe of Awesome Girls!

The rest, as they say, is history…

I now have access to some of the best essential oils I have ever found and you now have the opportunity to purchase them from me. I call that a massive win. And what a delight to have been in the presence of such a spiritual healer.

I truly do believe in magic and am so grateful to have found a source of it here in the Alps. It’s true, the hills really are alive…

They are blessed with the abundance of Mother Nature’s bounty, harnessed by a Merlin so mysterious and whose creations are so special, they might just inspire a quest of your own.

Here’s to adventure and believing in the magic of everyday wonders!


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