Pressure Vs Permission

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time”

Sophia Bush

When did you last give yourself permission to just be yourself?

To loosen your control and simply enjoy your imperfections without regard to others opinions or expectations?

To not worry about where you are heading or what you are yet to achieve and just enjoy the simplicity of the present moment?

Take that in for a second…

When did YOU last give yourself PERMISSION to just be YOURSELF?

As women, we spend our time looking after our families, our homes and our careers, putting so much pressure on ourselves to fulfill the roles we have to play and live up to the expectations others place on us.

We get so caught up in our daily grind, that it is easy to lose sight of our true selves. We forget that we are capable of manifesting the most awesome adventures for ourselves. We lose sight of the source of our magic. Our Inner Awesome Girl.

I’ve been there. My own personal journey has seen its fair share of turbulence. From divorce and business closures to becoming a mother later in life. I was brought to my lowest point, financially, spiritually and creatively. I lost my own way.

BUT… I pulled myself back together again…

How did I do that you ask?

I gave myself PERMISSION.

I stopped doing the things that were expected of me and gave myself permission to just exist in my current state. I returned to my roots and took the time to separate myself from all the layers of obligation, guilt, and self-doubt that had slowly crept into my life. I gave up trying to fit into others’ lifestyles and instead focused on pursuing my own hopes and dreams.

I began to appreciate the journey more as it was complete of my own choosing. A whole world of possibilities had opened up to me simply because I had decided I wanted them and had taken the steps to excitedly follow my own path instead of trudge along one of someone else’s making.

The best part? You can do this too!

Right here and now, I want you to give yourself the permission to live your life the way YOU want to.

To relax into the rhythm of your current lifestyle and give yourself permission to just exist there for a while.

To start just where you are, without the pressure of keeping up with others around you and their never-ending expectations.

To let go of anything that is holding you back from pursuing your hopes and dreams.

To simply go and enjoy discovering the simple pleasures of a life well lived.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this journey…

I’ve made it my mission to help women who have lost themselves learn to embrace the magic of everyday wonders, manifest the most awesome adventures and discover the simple pleasures of a life well lived.

I would absolutely love it if you would join me in my Facebook community Master Your Inner Awesome Girl where there is a group of Awesome Women waiting to share their journeys with you and help you spark up a little magic of your own.

Here’s to embracing our uniqueness and giving ourselves PERMISSION TO SIMPLY BE.

Love, Darviny


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