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Tango with your inner awesome girl?

Shine pure joy out into the world?

Feel whole, connected, playful and rich?

If the answer is yes yes yes, welcome home darling.

I’m Darviny and I’m no stranger to creating a lifestyle that feels aligned with passion, purpose and play.

Barefoot elegance is my living breathing mantra…

Imagine having a gorgeous dinner on the beach, your toes nestled in the sand beneath the table.

Loving life so exuberantly that you fearlessly pamper yourself and the people you love with the best that life has to offer.

Like a classic black and white film, life can be simple, beautiful, and what today is commonly referred to as “balanced” – all it takes is a little fine tuning.

I guide women back to connection with their inner awesome girl and help them create a lifestyle that captures the essence of barefoot elegance.

She’s the chicka that stares cynicism in the eye and gives an all knowing wink.

She’s an adventurer of inner and outer realms. In a heartbeat she’ll go on a safari and in the same day sit for hours talking about life and philosophy.

She knows the Universe is a divine trickster and that life is a goody bag full of surprises. Her lifestyle captures the essence of living in the moment.

Most importantly, she’s intimately connected with

7 Keys of Happiness

Your inner awesome girl is the luminous being inside all women that’s totally authentic, whole, healthy, and aligned with your natural bliss filled expression.

Look no further. I specialize in teaching women how to live life according to these 7 laws so that they can feel amazing, courageous and connected. I adore sharing insights and strategies on all things barefoot elegance; lifestyle, travel, kundalini yoga and meditation, health and wellness and so much more…

Through my programs, membership, Love, Darviny Channel, books, and more, you’ll be led through the enchanted forest of your own heart, soul, body and mind. Embrace divine connection and get ready to unleash a beautifully balanced lifestyle where champagne and green juice are both welcomed with gusto.

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Your Inner Awesome Girl Awaits…

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