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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to tackle the negative situations that are stopping you from living the life you deserve?

Have you been so wrapped up in taking care of those around you that you’ve let yourself go and forgotten to take care of yourself?

Are you trapped in a cycle of unhealthy behaviors, quick fixes and hopeless searches for miracle cures?

We’ve all been there! Spending our time juggling homes, families, careers and social lives, all the while being bombarded daily with the latest dieting fads, fashion must haves and gym crazes!

Hang On

Life is far too short and our time is much too precious to waste on regrets, expensive diets, disposable clothing and extreme exercise regimes!

Hey, I’m Darviny and I help women who have lost themselves learn to embrace the magic of every day wonders, recapture their sense of adventure and Discover the Simple Pleasures of a Life Well Lived™.

What if I told you that you can live the life you’ve dreamed of and be as fabulous in your forties and fifties as you were in your younger years, if not more so? Don’t think it’s possible? Well, think again!

As women, we have an infinite ability to create magic within our lives and the lives of those around us, yet we get so caught up in our daily grind that we forget we are capable of manifesting the most awesome adventures for ourselves.


Putting my career on hold to have a child at 45, and spending all my time looking after my daughter, husband and household, completely challenged my independence. I loved every moment of my new life, yet I had this overwhelming sensation that something was missing…

Six years in to life as a stay at home mom, I looked in the mirror one day and didn’t recognise the woman looking back at me.

I’d always been high-spirited and adventurous, in love with fashion, travel, fine dining and life as an entrepreneur, yet looking in that mirror, I was shocked to find that I was none of those things anymore. I wasn’t getting dressed up or taking off on travels and had stopped running my business altogether.


Like a lot of other families, we had felt the impact of the 2008 crash and I had finally reached my low point, financially, spiritually and creatively. I slowly realised that I had completely forgotten I had magic within me.

All the things that had created my individual magic were gone and I found myself trapped within my routines, existing but not really living.

I knew something had to change. I knew I had to find a way to recapture my spirit and bring back the fun, energetic, adventurous version of myself that was currently missing, Surely she hadn’t disappeared forever?

I also knew that I was the only person that could make that happen, and so, right there, standing in front of that mirror, I vowed to make changes to try and reawaken the magic inside me.

  • I changed my mindset, behaviors, routines and even my eating habits.
  • I started making time to look after myself as well as my family.
  • I left behind costly quick fixes and introduced a balance between clean eating and occasional indulgences.

And I found time to exercise and built rest and relaxation back into my routine.

Then, after a lot of hard work, I was rewarded with the results I had hoped for…

I was finally able to look in the mirror and see that girl I remembered looking back at me. The fun one. The one who was ready at a moment’s notice to go on an adventure. The one who could channel all her creativity into business ventures and still find time to let loose and take care of her loved ones. The Awesome Girl™.

There she was staring back at me, with a big beaming smile on her face! My magic had been reawakened and was shining through for all to see!

From that moment on I have become committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with other women who are struggling like I was, giving hope to women just like you.

I have made it my mission to help you Rediscover your Inner Awesome Girl™ and make sure you Look Good, Feel Good & still Have Fun along the way!

I offer a wealth of creative inspiration through my lifestyle show Love Darviny xoxo™ via my online platform Darviny TV™. I give you all the tools needed to unlock your grateful heart and inspire action with The Seven Keys to Happiness™, a range of transformational health & wellbeing products.

My online community, The Awesome Girl Journey™, is a place to share travel adventures, shopping obsessions and entertaining escapades while learning about organic cooking, meditation and yoga. My book, Be Obsessively Grateful™, helps bring a sense of enchantment back into your lives and encourages you to tap into your own infinite source of awesomeness.


YOU have the power within you to live the life of your dreams. I have created a range of products that will help you unleash that power and reawaken your own magic. No more putting your own life on hold. It’s time to begin exploring the possibilities that lie in store for you…

Just remember, I’m with you every single step of the way…

Are you Ready to Rediscover Your Inner Awesome Girl™?

As a lifestyle connoisseur and world traveller, I’m proof that you can overcome anything life throws at you. It’s never too late to have more excitement in your life. We all have a story to tell, so let’s make yours an adventure of epic proportions!

You Rock!

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