Welcome summer and the never ending need for hydration. My husband calls these mixtures I make “Dar water”. Dar water can be a combination of many fruits and plants ranging in all colors. I learned this from my Grandmothers in the south of France.

During the hot summer afternoons we would go in her garden and pick a variety of herbs , vervina, thyme, 3 different kinds of mint, rosemary, cucumber and a lemon from her lemon tree. My grandmother would add all this to a huge jug of water and put glasses out for the afternoon. On other days it would be a combination of watermelon and blood oranges sliced and smashed with mint and lemon. They instilled in me a love for infused water and for the colors and freshness of summer.

Living in the Keys I have access to some of the freshest and juiciest ingredients around. I know you may not have access to all these ingredients where you are, but you can ALWAYS switch things up and come up with your own combinations (which I would love to hear about!!).

Lavender Lemonade – raw agave nectar, lemons and lavender
Strawberry & Mint – sliced strawberries and crushed mint leaves
Blood Orange & Watermelon – sliced and peeled blood oranges, and sliced watermelon
Citrus & Mint – grapefruit, lemons, oranges, cucumber and crushed mint
Basil & Watermelon – sliced watermelon and basil leaves
Blackberry & Mint – crushed mint leaves and blackberries, leave this one to sit at least 2-3 hours before drinking to infuse perfectly
Orange & Blueberry – sliced orange and blueberries go great together and even the kids will LOVE it.
Lime & Mint – a kid friendly version of the mojito and without the sugar of soda. Combine crushed mint leaves and sliced limes. Perfectly refreshing.
Strawberry Jalapeno Water – a little bit of spice is always nice, even in the summer time. Sweet and heat are perfectly paired in a water infused with sliced Strawberries and Jalapenos.
Grandma’s Memories – This combination will always take me back to France with my grandmothers. Rosemary, Cucumber, Mint and Lemon combined together make a refreshing glass of water any time of the day.

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